User Vs Customer Analysis

Knowing the difference between customer and user will up you to make the decisions for your organization. Many of the start-ups show that they have millions of the customers but those are not customers instead they are users. They registered for free but never pay for it.

Users and customers both are equally important for the organization. In one hand customer create the direct income whereas users create indirect income through advertisement. Both are much needed for the expansion of the business.

Difference between User and Customer

Above I mention the difference between user and customer in monetary term. Now let me explain with the day to day life example.

Parents of students are customers where students are users. You should do the marketing for parents, not users.

User vs Customer Analysis will help you in following ways:

  • Find the targeted audience for your product
  • Find the direct and indirect revenue source
  • Helps you to prepare your sales pitch
  • Helps you to enhance the quality of the product