Top 5 reasons you get the scope creeps in your project

Delivering the quality product on the time is the main responsibility of the project manager. Many project managers fail to deliver the project on the time. Scope creep is the primary reason behind this failure. Scope creep is a subtle process that starts with small adjustments and ends up resulting in projects that take far longer to complete or even fail before they are finished. Please check my article “Why do you fail to deliver the project on time? Scope Creep is the reason behind!” to know more about the scope creep.

Today, I am going the explain top 5 reasons why you get scope creep in the project.

1. Mistakes in Requirement Analysis

Requirement analysis mostly performed by Business Analysts. Business Analysts always try to impress their customers. They promise moon and stars in limited time-frame without validating from the team. Also, many time they forget the gather the requirement in key project areas. This brings ambiguity in the project and creates scope creeps.

2. Allowing decision-maker stakeholder to enter the project at the late stage.

Sometimes project manager unable to find key stakeholder. They consult with those people who are not able to make the decision. After doing the requirement analysis some key stakeholder come and want the new feature. This creates scope creep and allows project to fail the delivery date.

3. Loopholes in initial requirement

Due to the lack of the Subject-Matter-Experts, some project manager omits the key point at earlier stage of the project. They draft the initial requirement without consulting SME’s. This lead more work in the project which is not defined earlier.

4. Ignorance of change control process

No one can prepare perfect project management plan. Stakeholder always ask for the changes. Many project managers do the changes in fear of losing the client. Then on that change stakeholder ask for more change which goes on. This generate scope creep.

5. Gold plating

Some project manager tries to impress the stakeholder by providing some extra-features. These extra-features are require lot of time. Which delay the delivery date of the project

Let me know if you know any other scope creep you seen in your project?