Overview of all AWS services

Amazon is a global leader in IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). The AWS Global Infrastructure is currently comprised of 64 Availability Zones within 21 geographic Regions worldwide. It provide the verity of services across the different Region. Amazon comprised it’s services under 19 different categories. These categories can be accessed from the AWS Console.

  1. Compute
  2. Storage
  3. Database
  4. Migration
  5. Network & Content Delivery
  6. Developer Tools
  7. Management Tools
  8. Media Services
  9. Machine learning
  10. Analytics
  11. Security & Identity & Compliance
  12. Mobile Services
  13. AR/VR
  14. Application Integration
  15. Customer Engagement
  16. Business Productivity
  17. Desktop & App Streaming
  18. Internet of Things
  19. Game Development

I will going to explain above categories in upcoming posts. Keep reading..