How to convert Sublime text into ToDo application

Howdy, today I am going to share how you could convert a Sublime Text into the ToDo application. Now a days ToDo application is a necessity to live an organize life. It will help you to keep the track of your plan and day to day activities.

ToDo application is also required in a software development process. It will help you to manage and plan your development work. In general you keep your plans and activity list in other application. But there is a package which convert your Sublime Text into a ToDo Application.

To install this package go to the
Preferences -> Package Control -> Package Control: Install package -> PlainTask

Once you install this package restart your Sublime Text editor. Now, create a new file with .todo extension. This will look something like this.

Create a category:
You can create a category “Projects” by typing Project:.
Create a task:
You can create the task by typing Ctrl + I followed by some text.
Complete the task:
Move your cursor to a task line and press Ctrl + D. It will mark your task done with (@done (TIME)) string. To undo the task press Ctrl + D.
Make an archive:
Press Ctrl + shift + A to move your completed task to achieve.

There are lot of other functionality of this Todo application. You can check them here.

Let me know which ToDo application you are using and why. Feel free to ask any question on this.

Basant is a full stack developer, software engineer and freelancer with broad and deep experience developing web applications. He has been working with web based tech companies in India for over 10 years, helping to build technology-based businesses from the ground up. He excels at programming back-end and front-end services in a variety of languages, and holds a Master’s degree in Computer Application.