How to configure your Sublime Text editor

Sublime Text is a quickest and light-weight text editor. It has many features like Go to Anything, Multiple Selections, Command Palette, Multiple language Support(C, C++, PHP, JavaScript etc). Many of the developers fall in love with it including me. Besides having so many features you can add some additional feature through it’s Package Manager.

Installation of package manager

Package manager is the gateway to add the packages to the Sublime Text. You can install & uninstall the packages with this. By default Sublime Text doesn’t come with package manager. To install the package manager go to View -> Show console and enter the following code into the console.

For Sublime Text 3:

For Sublime Text 2:

After getting the message “Please restart Sublime Text to finish installation” from console restart the sublime text editor. Now you will get Package Control under the Preferences menu. 

This will look something like this.

Now, you can install the packages & themes from Package Control: Install package.

* Please note: Some packages might required restart.

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