Understand DIKW pyramid

DIKW sometimes also referenced as “Wisdom Hierarchy”, “Knowledge Hierarchy/Pyramid”, “Information Hierarchy”. DIWK pyramid consists of data, information, knowledge, wisdom. All the elements of DIKW are interdependent. It comes in the hierarchy where data come first and becomes information and information become knowledge and knowledge becomes wisdom. […]

User Vs Customer Analysis

Knowing the difference between customer and user will up you to make the decisions for your organization. Users and customers both are equally important for the organization. In one hand customer create the direct income whereas users create indirect income through advertisement. Both are much needed for the expansion of the business. […]

10 Must-have Interpersonal Skills for project manager

The project manager is the person assigned by the performing organization to lead the team that is responsible for achieving the project objectives. The project manager also works closely and in collaboration with other roles, such as a business analyst, quality assurance manager, and subject matter experts. The success of the collaboration depends on the interpersonal skills of the project manager. The interpersonal skill are key for the success of every project manager. […]