How to build your project management team?

The project team includes the project manager, project management staff, and other team members who carry out the work but who are not necessarily involved with management of the project. Every project has different teams who has different role and responsibility. A project management team can be divided into two categories.



The dedicated team always stay with the project. These team members knows each and everything about the project. On the other hand, part-time team is associate for a specific tasks. Once the task is completed, the member of the team moves to other project. Part-time team members stay for the shorter time period.

Virtual team:

Virtual team members are not always available on the venue of the project. Communication technologies allow team members in different locations or countries to work as virtual teams. Virtual teams rely on collaborative tools, such as shared online workspaces and video conferences, to coordinate their activities and exchange information about the project.

A project management team performs the various activities. The team is categorized as per their roles and responsibility. Project teams include roles such as:

Project management staff:

These team members perform project management activities such as scheduling, budgeting, reporting and control, communications, risk management and administrative support.

Project staff:

These members carry out the work of creating the project deliverables.

Supporting experts:

These members perform activities required to develop or execute the project management plan. These can include such roles as contracting, financial management, logistics, legal, safety, engineering, test, or quality control.

User or Customer Representatives:

Members of the organization who will accept the deliverables or products of the project may be assigned to act as representatives or liaisons to ensure proper coordination, advise on requirements, or validate the acceptability of the project’s results.


Sellers, also called vendors, suppliers, or contractors, are external companies that enter into a contractual agreement to provide components or services necessary for the project.

Business partner members:

Members of business partners’ organizations may be assigned as members of the project team to ensure proper coordination.

Business partners:

Business partners provide specialized expertise or fill a specified role such as installation, customization, training, or support.


Let me know if is there any other role in organization.