Top 5 reasons you get the scope creeps in your project

Delivering the quality product on the time is the main responsibility of the project manager. Many project managers fail to deliver the project on the time. Scope creep is the primary reason behind this failure. Scope creep is a subtle process that starts with small adjustments and ends up resulting in projects that take far longer to complete or even fail before they are finished. […]

Why do you fail to deliver the project on time? Scope Creep is the reason behind!

Scope creep is also called requirement creep, function creep, feature creep, or kitchen sink syndrome. Scope creep refers to changes, continuous or uncontrolled expansion in a project’s scope. Scope creep can be seen in executing, monitoring and controlling phase and remains in project till the project close. It affects the final delivery date of the project. […]

Increase your decision-making ability with Force-Field Analysis

Many people struggle when they have to take tough decisions. Force-Field Analysis is a decision-making technique which helps you to make the decisions for your complex problems. The principle of Force-Field Analysis was developed by Kurt Lewin. This analysis technique comes under change management system. It analyzes the forces for and against a change, and it helps you communicate the reasoning behind your decision. […]

Understand DIKW pyramid

DIKW sometimes also referenced as “Wisdom Hierarchy”, “Knowledge Hierarchy/Pyramid”, “Information Hierarchy”. DIWK pyramid consists of data, information, knowledge, wisdom. All the elements of DIKW are interdependent. It comes in the hierarchy where data come first and becomes information and information become knowledge and knowledge becomes wisdom. […]

User Vs Customer Analysis

Knowing the difference between customer and user will up you to make the decisions for your organization. Users and customers both are equally important for the organization. In one hand customer create the direct income whereas users create indirect income through advertisement. Both are much needed for the expansion of the business. […]